Why to visit the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is quite small, modern and safe country, you can easily get to any place. In one place you can find footprints of the ancient history, culture, civilization but also a wild nature. The Czech Republic is called Heart of Europe and Prague is its magical center. Everybody should see Prague and taste the best beer. Every biker should see the trails, where the world best bikers grow.

Morover, it does not take too much time to get to intresting European destinations like Viena, Munich, Nuremberg, Dresden, Berlin or Austrian Alps. But do not look for the sea – we really do not have it!

Czech Republic

Do you want to bike a lot? Do you want to slow down? Do you prefer gravity and DH? Do you like bicycle touring? Or do you wish to split your group? Would you like to see more UNESCO sights and stay longer in Prague? Do you prefer luxury accommodation or do you enjoy camping? Not happy with the length of our proposed tours? We will be more than happy to prepare a Taylor Made tour for you.

Tailor made tours

Why the Czech Republic and MTB?

If the Czech Republic is a Heart of Europe, than the Czech mountainbiking is a Heart of European mountainbiking. Check this:

Czech Republic
  • More than 25 MTB singletrack centers and bike parks
  • More than 1000 km of built MTB singletracks
  • MTB World Cup and XCO World Championship in Nové Město na Moravě – 6x awarded to be the best race in the world
  • Birthplace and places where the world´s best MTB riders grow;
    Jaroslav Kulhavý (golden and silver olympics medal, the winner of MTB World Cup and World Champion in XCO),
    Kateřina Nash (one of the best riders of women´s world XCO),
    Petr Slavík (DH rider, world No. 1 in City Downhills and 4X star),
    Jan Kopka (the winner of Idita Bike Alaska and many other extreme races),
    Peggy Marvanova (the winner of Tour Divide),
    Jakub Vencl (Top world dirt rider)
  • Bikeriding is the No. 1 sports activity. Czechs are cycling nation!
  • For us MTB is No. 1