MTB Trilogy Tour

MTB Trilogy Tour

Date: 3rd – 11th Jully 2018

Destination: Czech Republic


3rd Jully – Sightseeing Prague, setting of bikes

4th Jully – Early morning transfer to Teplice n. M., registration, prologue

4th – 7th Jully – MTB Trilogy Race 2018

8th Jully – Transfer to Rychlebske Trails, rest, wellness and spa

9th Jully – Rychlebske Trails

10th Jully – Lipovske Trails

11th Jully – Transfer to Prague

Program of your Tour is depending on many factors – natural, human, technical and very often unexpected. We promise we will do our best not to change the plan. However, there might be a situation which makes us to do some adjustments. We will keep you updated!


Transportation between the spots takes up to 3 hours, but usually less. The Czech Republic is not that large so it does not make sence to spend too much time in a car… our motto is Let´s Bike Czech not Let´s Drive Czech ))) During your Tour you can expect 3 – 4 transfers.

Level of Difficulty

The overall difficulty of MTB Trilogy Tour is rated as moderate to hard.

The race MTB Trilogy is famous for the wild nature and trails, difficult enduro section and very friendly atmosphere. Difficult sections can be also found in Rychlebske Trails.

 “Trail difficulty is increasing proportionately to speed and increasing exhaustion.” This is the methodology according to which most of the Czech trails are built. And this the reason why any biker can enjoy it! Extreme sections are always announced upfront, if needed an alternative way is offered.

Every biker should be able to ride his/her bike several hours a day, several days in a row and feel safely on mountain bike. Fear? Don´t worry, the group will help you!

If you want to skip any part of the Tour for any reason, we will offer you an individual program or you can choose our Taylor Made Tour. Ideal participant? MTB enthusiast, friendly, open-minded. We are looking forward to evening chatting”

Tour Fee Includes

Race package
T-shirt Finisher MTB Trilogy, start number with riders name, feed zones on the track and in the finish, warm food at the end of the stage, bike wash, showers, bike service (work for free ), bike watch, Children's corner, movie from the race on MTB Trilogy web for evryone.

Race additional package
Accommodation with half board in *** hotels, full day guide services.

Pre/After race package
Pick up at the airport or any other place in Prague, transportation, Accommodation in **** hotels (***hotels only exceptionally) in double bed rooms, half board, bike rental, bike service, bike washing, secure bike storing, full day guide services, Let´s bike jersey.

(guaranteed price per person provided the group has 9 – 12 riders)

Additional services not included in the package
Sport Massage/Physio Therapy, Spa and Wellness, laundry, entry fees to special zones, etc.

More about MTB Trilogy Race (official)

MTB Trilogy
The race consists of a prologue and three stages, each has a completely different character and quite challenging profile (both technically and physically). Start and finish of each stage are always at the same place in Teplice nad Metují.

Extreme Race is the long or original trail of the MTB Trilogy. Stages are characterized by a large number of single trails and only the necessary minimum of road sections. Approx. lenght of the stage is 8+70+70+80=228 km and elevation about 8400 m.

MTB Trilogy Enduro
The trail of the Enduro cathegory is the same as for Extreme Race or Half Race. For Enduro cathegory are obligatory marked sections: speed tests. Total time of the race is the sum of the speed tests time.

Speed test (ST) is a section of the trail, usually downhill and technical. The length of the speed test varies (winner time of the shortest ST 1:11, winner time of the longest ST 6:46. For slower riders the long ST took 14 mintes.

The trail is safe, meaning: no jumps (like a take off .:|||...::... landing) and you can ride it all on sight. The trail is natural. The surface varies even withing one stage: can be grass, roots, rock or rubble.

MTB Trilogy HAlf RACE
Half Race is shorter then the Extreme Race (almost half). Stages are characterized by a large number of single trails and only the necessary minimum of road sections. Approx. lenght of the stage is 8+50+50+48=156 km and elevation about 4700 m.

The relay has up to 4 riders. Each part of the trail must be riden by at least one rider. Changeover area is at the feeding station. Riders order is only up to riders. Organizers do not cover transport to the changeover area.  Relay race is not meant for Enduro cathegory.

Rychlebske Trails

Rychlebské Trails are one of our oldest and largest trail locations, and coupled with its atmosphere and quality, they are one of the most visited trail systems in the Czech Republic. The base is located in the village of  Black Water (Černá Voda), less than half an hour's drive from the town of Jeseník. The idea to create a mountain bike trail was born in 2008, when the first official work on the trail  also took place. Tracks first originated on old hunting trails, and the first routes were opened at the beginning of September 2009.  All tracks form closed circuits that visitors take along the hills. Each trail varies in how it is technically demanding, each has a different concept and contains different elements and obstacles. The first tracks of the Rychlebské Trails were of a more technical nature, now there is also easier riding, with smoother and simpler trail options, so everyone really enjoys riding here.

Used most is the hill called Sokolí vrch (Falcon Peak), where you can find the most famous and popular Czech trail Superflow, which was built in cooperation with Welsh traildesigner Rowan Sorrell. In addition, here you will find most of the tracks of the Rychlebské Trails. The exception is only those along the Černý potok (Black Creek), namely Vidnavsky Circuit and Forest Trail (Lesy) ČR, both are easy and point towards the other side of the RS Base. They will take you down at a nice pace to the next villages of Vidnava or Velké Kraše. There you will also find the Dirtpark Garden with a pumptrack. You can train at Vidnava at a forest spot called Na psích uličkách (Dog Aisles), where trailbuilder Mirek Kopecký has created a great jumping ramp from a superb double.

Thanks to the vastness of the entire Rychlebské Trails, there is no problem to spend more days here  and enjoy biking in the beautiful countryside. The location also offers a lot of unmarked routes, which the local people like to show every participant of the regular monthly trailwork. Riding at this place is a real experience and every good biker should get out here. The professional bicycle magazine Velo mentions the Rychlebské Trails as the best area of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Trail by Dr. Wiessner – This is the only artificially built climbing trail that will lead you to the tracks under Sokolim (Falcon) Peak and to Superflow.

Traily pod Sokolím vrchem (Trails under Sokolim (Falcon) Peak) – they copy several parts of original hunting trails and are characterized by large stones. Regarding technical and physical difficulty, they are slower trails. A great advantage in this area is the accessibility of forest paths that connect these trails in a variety of ways. Depending on the route selected, you can reach an altitude of up to 470 meters.

Wales – the highest trail and one of the most demanding of what RS offers. Riding difficult technical passages, however, creates a great feeling, which is associated with a reward in the form of a magnificent view of the Rychlebské Mountains and the Polish Lowlands.

Velryba (Whale) – this trail is characterized by the most rideableboulders on Rychlebské trails.

Biskupský (Episcopal), Tajemný (Mysterious), Prokletý (Cursed) and Mramorový (Marble) – stones, footpaths, catwalks, shallow streams, everything is waiting for you in these beautiful local forests. The beautiful nature adds a unique atmosphere to the Rychlebské Trails.

Sjezdy (Downhill) – here you will find banked turns, boulders and other rough spots that represent the playful and rugged ending of the "old" trails beneath the Sokolim (Falcon) Peak.

Trail podél Černého potoka (Trail along Černý potok (Black Creek) – this trail copies the Creek up to the parking lot at the swimming pool in Velké Kraše (near Vidnava). Here is easier terrain with plenty of beautiful places and views, ideal for beginners, families or bikers on hardtails. The elevation gain is only about 80  meters with a length of 16 km.

Vidnavský Circuit – after a short crossing from Černý potok (Black Creek), you will reach the six-kilometer circuit near Vidnava. This is a light flow trail for everybody, including families.

Trail Lesů ČR (Forest Trail) ČR – the easiest trail of Rychlebské Trails will take you from Vidnava and Velké Kraše from Dirtpark Zahrádka back to Černá Voda (Black Water). It offers beautiful views and cool terrain.

Superflow trail – perhaps the greatest attraction of the Rychlebské Trails was built with the help of Welsh Rowan Sorrella of the company Back on Track, the builder of the best trails in England in recent years. Superflow is full of banked turns and waves that you can ride or jump depending on your experience and speed. The surface is not so broken up, it is technically less demanding and the ride is faster and smoother. It measures 11 km long, it isan almost endless downhill ride. Including the climbing it will take you about two hours.

Pumptrack + skill center – right at the Bike Center, here you have the unique opportunity to try out the various obstacles you can find on the trails and improve your skills. There are smaller and bigger jumps, banked turns, wooden catwalks or a technical rocky section.

Lipovske Trails

The Lipovske Trails are located near the town of Lipová-lázně near Jeseník, their center was built in the vicinity of Hotel Helios, from which they begin. The reputable builders of the Rychlebské Trails are behind the construction of them, they care about the Lipovské Trails, which guarantees their quality. The area is definitely not a technically or physically demanding, you ride along about a meter wide footpath, so there is no need for suspension. The location is especially suitable for beginners, families with children, not only because of little technical difficulty, but also for short lengths of the trails and their small scale. If you ride all the routes, you will travel approximately 17 km. The trails were opened in October 2015, they are one of the youngest trail centers in the Czech Republic.

One part of the trails is situated completely in the forest on an adjacent hill and offers one ascending and two descending trails. They differ primarily in shape, on one you have more banked turns, the other one is more wavy in nature with traverses. It's actually a easier version of Rychlebské Trails Superflow's fast-paced allure. The second part of the Lipovské Trails extends directly onto the open meadow above the Helios Hotel. One climbing trail will take you up to the start, then after about a hundred meters down the slope the trail splits into three downhill tracks, each with various difficulty levels.  A meter wide hard footpath is full of banked turns, bumps and various switchbacks. The simpler two "offshoots" run along the meadow and have a slightly milder slope and less bumps; otherwise the harder track goes between the trees where the terrain is more rugged. You can enjoy great banked turns and waves and jump on safe catwalks, if you like. Riding uphill at a comfortable pace takes about ten minutes,  you are back down in two or three minutes.

Due to its location, the Lipovské Trails can serve as a great additional ride or a "warming up" ride before visiting the much larger Rychlebské Trails.  In particular, the three more difficult tracks will be enjoyed by an experienced biker. The surrounding area is also great. The hotels and wellness facilities offer the possibility of family holidays, riding on the Lipovské and Rychlebské Trails, plus  excursions all around.

Modré (Blue) Trails – very easy bike trails in the meadow above Hotal Helios, with a few banked turns and bumps.

Červené (Red) Trails – more demanding than blue trails; waves within the forest containg banked turns, bumps and safe smaller jumps, wide with smooth surface.

Černý (Black) Trail – is particularly demanding because of the greater descent, which makes it possible to ride faster; it contains bigger bumps, high banked turns and jumps, all  can be also ridden safely at a slower speed.

Výjezdové (Climbing) Trails – You can reach the hill with an easy trail planned in a way that even the ride uphill is fun.

Pumptrack – for beginners, a smaller pumptrack was built in the lower part of the complex, which is the ideal place for practicing the right rolling on the bumps and taking banked turns.